Dear UA Alumni,

Your School (UA) will be staging, “A Tryst with King Lear” at Motithang Higher Secondary School, Thimphu on Wednesday 16th August, 2017.

The exact time has not been specified but UA is honoured to do the opening of the historic event, “Bhutan Schools Drama Festival 2017”.

Kindly note the arrangements that which is consistent with the directives sent by Department of School Education,

Ministry of Education:





Sunday, 13th August, 2017

Chadi Group leave for Thimphu (Lopen Kiba and Lopen Tashi )


Monday, 14th August, 2017

Dress Rehearsal by Drama Troupe (UA, MPH Punakha)


Tuesday, 15th August, 2017

Drama Troupe Leave for Thimphu (Report to DYS Youth Hostel)


Wednesday,16thAugust, 2017

Drama Troupe Perform at Motithang HSS, Thimphu


Thursday, 17th August, 2017

Drama Troupe & Chadi Group return to Punakha

  *Lunch on  Tuesday, 15th August, 2017, for the Drama Troupe will be at DYS but the dinner only for Drama Troupe will be arranged by the Chadi Group at Changangkha – UA Principal’s Log Cabin

  * Again, on Wednesday, 16th August, 2017, breakfast and lunch will be at DYS and the dinner   for all (including Alumni) will be arranged by the Chadi Group at Changangkha – UA Principal’s Log Cabin.

Alumni are requested not to make any cash collections or contributions as the dinners will be hosted by the school. However, one can bring mineral water, snacks and fruit juices to share. The first chapter of UA Alumni Association will be open for registeration.

For further details contact our Chadi Group Coordinators Lopen Kinzang Dorji (Kiba) 17690304, Lopen Tashi Phuntsho 17335353

and Ata Lungten Tshering 17656959.


Looking forward to the Gala Event: “Bhutan Schools Drama Festival 2017”. Please share to help our alumni to get connected once again.


UA Principal





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