Students of Classes VII and VIII visited Gyensophodrang at Tshostasa, Punakha on November 3, 2017 for their Study Tour.

Gyensophodrang isan old age home for retired monks. Study Tour is an important component of academic programme in Ugyen Academy,

especially tailored to provide opportunity for our junior students to directly interact, explore, experience and learn from beyond the four walls

of their classrooms.  Besides academic objectives, this study tour was designed to involve our students in understanding the emotional needs

of old age members in a family, role of grandchildren in understanding the problems of grandparents and in understanding why must they

spend time with their grandparents during vacations, instead of finding solace in the company of electronic gadgets, social media and

antisocial activities. Students also took part in a cleanup of the Gyensophodrang’s surrounding.

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