Academic Statics

Academics has always remained a priority and the foremost concern for Ugyen Academy without diminishing the value and worth of co-curricular activities. Ugyen Academy has always strived to create a conducive learning environment so that scholars develop both their cognitive and physical aptitude. Words are seldom of any worth if they cannot be backed up with relevant actions. Ugyen Academy promises the best academic environment possible and delivers it without any fail. If we are to stand by current statistics and progress record, Ugyen Academy has secured many national ranks and top positions in business Math, Chemistry, Accounts and many other related subjects. Apparently, for the widespread skeptics, the standing proof of the reliability of private schools in terms of academic performance is Ugyen Academy.

In accordance with the survey conducted, Ugyen Academy is undoubtedly one of the most competent national schools in terms of its academic performance and excellence. Ugyen Academy has a lot of expectations to live up to and fortunately, with the tireless work of the teachers and the school as a whole, it has never belied those expectations. Academics will always remain the priority for Ugyen Academy. We promise only what we deliver and we can assure to deliver more than we promise.

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