Vision Mission


At Ugyen Academy teaching and learning happens in a caring and purposeful environment where each and every member of the school community is valued. We are privileged in that we have students from all over Bhutan and from abroad as well. This creates a richness and diversity within the school. Students experience a variety of teaching styles within which there may be formal teacher led lessons, group work, an investigative style and student centered approaches. The school is also proud to have well equipped audio visual lab. Career guidance and information technology forms a central part in the learning process; IT literacy is provided to the interested students.

The school aims to:

  • Provide a caring, happy, secure and purposeful education setting, which supports optimum academic, personal, and social development of all students. Explain and make sense of the various influences, which bear upon the student and   promote good relationships and discipline based on mutual respect.
  • Prepare students to take up various educational opportunities throughout their lives, within and beyond the context of work and thereby prepare them to develop a positive attitude towards life and face life with confidence.
  • Promote in students core values and ethos of Bhutanese society and take pride in being a Bhutanese.
  • Ensure an environment conducive for teaching and learning; positive student-student, teacher and student-teacher interactions. We believe that students need to understand that rules exist to safeguard the school environment that we envisage. Our rules are decentralized and students take ownership of the rules they frame.

 Vission Statement 

 A guiding star for UA. A vision is a snapshot of the future and it communicates persuasively where the organization desires to go, and motivates everyone to work toward the same end. It aligns with the national philosophy of “Gross National Happiness”.

 The vision for the school, “Be Your Best” changed to a motto and the vision that we now share after a “sharing session” with the academic staff is “A school of Winners, Innovators, Leaders, Learners.” We call it the school of WILL. We felt that being the best was not just enough in this ever changing and fiercely competitive world. Being the best was not enough because one had to be innovative in order to excel. One had to prepare for times unknown.

 Our Majesty did not mean anything different when he said: 

Young citizens of Bhutan, I want you to remember that Bhutan’s success or failure will ultimately depend on the strength of your commitment – your willingness to embrace challenges and hard work.  Unlike other countries, with our small population, it is not enough that a few of you excel – every single one of you must strive to be the best. This is the only way you can secure the future of our nation – through excellence. His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck’s National Day Address17th December 2007.

 Winners: An American Race Driver, Dale Earnhardt said, “the winner ain't the one with the fastest car it’s the one who refuses to lose.” This is exactly what we mean by winners. We want people to be resilient and to be a winner, one must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

 Innovators: We learn to make meaning with what we have and not with what we don’t have. It is essential that we be thrifty in terms of use of material resources but never in the use of human resources. As what the Singaporean government thinks for its people, “we think of workfare and not of welfare for our people,” we have to be farsighted, look at the bigger picture, think ahead and plan for times unknown. We want UA to have a culture that encourages staff and student to be adaptable, to be comfortable with change. We want to prepare our students to be thinkers and plan for the worst challenges ahead.

 Leaders: Dr. Shirley Lim the founder President of Research Communication International (RCI) and Research University on Leadership (RUL) asserts that success today is linked to people leadership. The clarion call is to develop human capital for extraordinary gains. The nation that succeeds in developing its leaders, wins. The individual who can lead people also wins. The ascent toward any vision is hindered by adversity. The more we win the more adversity we will face. Hence, we need to be a leader who is equipped with leadership skills.

 Learners: The desire to learn must be life long if we want to excel. The skills and content knowledge of today may be obsolete tomorrow. Change is inevitable and in order to keep abreast of the change and face the daunting challenges one needs to be a zealous learner. 

 Mission statement

The school’s mission is to “identify and nurture the innate potential of the students to bring out the best in every individual.” This is done by providing a variety of learning experiences and opportunities in a safe and caring environment. It is further powered by the school motto, “be the best” to drive each and every individual to stretch to their limits. Our core values such as resilience, creativity, passion, responsibility and trust, helps to enthuse the UA family to realize our vision.