Thank You UA - Monthly Tests

Dear Parents and Students,

Our monthly tests for the month of March and April 2020 are beginning from today (Saturday, April 25, 2020). Like the monthly tests conducted during regular academic sessions, the online tests will cover only those topics covered under the EiE curriculum or UA’s Distance Learning Solutions (DLSs). Accordingly, the assessment criteria have been innovated to suit the e-learning and teaching (EiE) environment.

We are attaching the Time Table and the Assessment Criteria so that all are aware of the kind of assessment(s) we are trying to come up with, after coming to grips with the online delivery (DLS) of the EiE curriculum. Kindly go through the time table and the assessment criteria and provide us your valuable feedback. We must admit that it is not perfect; it is rather a temporary solution to ensure that we partner with the parents, meaningfully engage our students and jointly make an assessment.

At the same time, we are all aware that we are all facing a host of challenges when it comes to teaching or assessing remotely; the digital divide - grappling with unfamiliar technologies, those who lack adult supervision, or those who are facing domestic problems, resource problems — the list goes on. Therefore, it will be our sacred responsibility to help such students, if not now, even later when the school re-opens.

Meanwhile, driven by a pandemic to the front lines of an unprecedented rush to distance-learning, we don’t have a choice but to be inundated in our own respective groups in Google classrooms, messenger, telegram, We-chat, emails, texts, BBS Lessons, and calls – a desperate attempt to keep education going. We are all stressed and to some degree panic-stricken but we must work together to get through this crisis.

We remain very certain that with the amount of love, care and concern from our beloved His Majesty, the heroic efforts of our government; the ever-rising fountain of prayers from our “Zhung Dratshang” (Central Monastic Body – CMB) and the collaboration of Bhutanese people, the pandemic will end soon and life will spring back to normalcy. It will.

UA Principal