Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students - on school reopening,

We are writing to appraise each and every one of our plans to begin the phased re-opening of Ugyen Academy (UA). The government has asked us to plan a reopening of the school from Wednesday, 1st July 2020 for classes X and XII only. We accept that it is our sacred responsibility to plan a phased reopening based on our judgments of what is safest for all of us. Hence, this letter has three important attachments:

  1. Phase wise Reporting Notice: Provided to ensure that each and every student is thoroughly screened
  2. An important extract from UA’s Preparedness and Response Plan (PRP – 4th Edition, 20th June 2020) for school reopening on 1st July 2020:

It spells out the expectations and guidelines/protocols to be followed when school reopens

  1. PRP Structure System (Human Resources –Command/Communication)

For easy contact and to identify the concerned individual's responsibility/duty for effective implementation of UA’s Preparedness and Response Plan (PRP) for Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

As evident from above, considering the safety of our students and UA staff members, we have put great thrust to Health and Medical Unit; it has been strengthened with the best possible health team headed by a consultant doctor, two seasoned nurses and trained support staff to provide 24X7 health services in the campus. Even each class has a female and a male Class Health Captain who are automatic members of the School Health and Medical Unit.

While we have done everything under the sun to ensure safety, it is important to share a bit on our academic plan. Today, despite extraordinary advances in the development of countermeasures, the ease of world travel and increased global interdependence have added layers of complexity to containing these infectious diseases that affect not only the health but the economic stability of societies. The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has to some degree been catastrophic for the world including Bhutan- it has been rolling out public fear, economic loss, and adversely impacting schools. Therefore, as envisaged in our objective, UA’s Preparedness and Response Plan for Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is designed to some degree for adapting to reclosing and reopening schools as needed due to resurgence of community transmission.

Accordingly, we are adopting a Blended Learning Approach - combination of face-to-face and online learning. Our DLS Unit has also been strengthened and ICT facilities up-graded for effective blended learning. The school will have intranet facilities to continue online classes as well; online assignments and assessments will continue to exist on the school campus. Consequently, we will be allowing students to come with their electronic gadgets to school but they will have to surrender their SIM to the Planning and Operation Unit/Class Teacher/Matrons/Wardens. Each student will have to sign the ICT pledge. Having said so, our challenge will be to e-discipline all our students – a real big challenge. Nonetheless, as shared in the past, we are prepared to come up with an added feature in our values education classes – Values education for the 21st Century Technology-Based Education. Anyway, we have no choice but to have a go for the better. We are sure parents will support the move.

Thank you for your ongoing support and hope to see you all in good health soon.


Lopen Norbu Gyaltshen