Thank you UA: We Thank Our Government for Providing a Greater Opportunity

Dear Parents and Students (BCSE 2019),
If you wish to avail the advantage of Nu.40, 000/- government scholarship or Nu. 70, 000/- boarding (needy students only) to study in a private school of one’s choice, it is important that parents and students (BCSE: 2019) see that they register first online anytime between 8th Jan, 2020 and 15th Jan, 2020. It is seen as a requirement.

However, the online registration is not going to lead the student to lose the opportunity to continue in a government school, if he or she fails to get admitted in the private school of his or her choice. Please note that the online registered students will have to follow up with their admissions in the private school between 20th January, 2020 and 29th January, 2020 (ample time), that is after the declaration of BCSE 2019 result by BCSEA; our MoE may provide/announce the list of registered students in the respective private schools. The instruction for continuing in a government school will be announced only on 31st January, 2020 (Re: pg. 11 Kuensel Ad. 8th Jan. 2020).

Therefore, if a student (BCSE 2019) wishes to seek admission in UA, then the student should do the online registration now. It is also important for UA 2019 BCSE students to register online (like the others) if you wish to continue in UA with the scholarship. Our Admission Desk will follow up with the registered students as mentioned above as soon as we get the details.

Once again, please do not worry about losing the opportunity to continue in a government school if one is not admitted in the private school of his/her choice.

“We Thank Our Government for Providing a Greater Opportunity” and allowing all (BCSE 2019) students to choose a private school first.

Wish all BCSE: 2019 students good luck with their results and school admissions in 2020.
Principal UA