Once again...

UA welcomes Classes IXs and XI Science on 19th and 20th September 2020. Come with care. Travel safely; bring along happiness and “Be Your Best”. Check the attachments for details of reporting.


Requirements for Students:

Given the Lockdown experience, the SAT felt that parents/guardians should see to it that their child’s essential items for the remaining academic session is as far as possible with them when they come so that unnecessary risks and expenditure can be avoided – listed below :


As informed by class teachers, the students must come with the following:

  1. At least 3 sets of washable face masks
  2. Re-sealable bag or container for keeping spare masks
  3. Tissue papers
  4. Phone with Druk Trace app as they will be asked to scan on entry and will have to use for Google Classes (blended Approach)
  5. Personal Hand Sanitizer(s) - for emergency use
  6. Water Bottle (No sharing)
  7. Mosquito Nets (mandatory for boarding students)
  8. Enough soaps and essential toiletries
  9. Stationery Items (pens/refills/pencils etc…)
  10. Project work materials and calculators as required by the subject
  11. Medical prescriptions (if checked recently or is or was undergoing medical treatment)
  1. ***The extract from UA’s Preparedness and Response Plan (PRP) for Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – Post Lockdown is available with the teachers – if parents/guardians need more detailed information please contact your child’s class teacher.

Phase wise Reporting Notice for classes IXs and XIs

Please take note of UA’s Reporting Dates: the School Administration Team (SAT) has phased out the reporting dates to ensure proper implementation of UA’s Preparedness and Response Plan for Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – Post Lockdown

Reporting Sequence



Boarders Reporting Date and Time

Classes Resume on

 The Only Point of Entry (OPoE):

 Screening and Health Protocols


1st Batch

IX A, B & C


Saturday 19th September 2020 All boarding student of Class IX A, B & C must report before 12(noon) PM


Monday 21st September 2020

*day students report as per SoPs given by respective class teachers/Head of School


*RBP or Desuups/UA Volunteers will regulate the traffic observing health protocols at Only OPoE (Gate 1)–UA Football Stadium Gate – Separate arrangement for classes IXs after 12M (noon) on 19th Sept 2020

*First the student(s) will enter from the Gate 1 (OPoE) -Student(s) volunteers will be there to help with the belongings

*Upon entry they will undergo thermal screening

*Referral to Flue Camp will only be made if demanded by HMSST (Based on records and temperature reading)

*Next, they will have to scan with Druk Trace app or register manually

*After that, the student volunteers will escort the students with their belongings into  decontamination /health protocols area for decontamination of footwear and belongings/hand wash

*After decontamination the student(s) are escorted to the class teachers for verification and issuance of Hostel Admit Ticket (HAT)/Class Admit Ticket (CAT)

*The student(s) must inform the Parents/Guardians over the phone the moment they receive the HAT/CAT 

*Parents/Guardians are advised to leave only after their child gets HAT/CAT

2nd Batch

UA School of Science: XI Sc A, B & C

Sunday 20th September 2020 All boarding student of Class IXs and XI Science Stream must report before 3 PM

3rd Batch

Arts Department: Classes XIs A,B,C


Commerce Department: Commerce A & B

Sunday, 27th September 2020

All Arts and Commerce Stream boarding students must report before 4 PM

Monday 28th September 2020

*day students report as per SoPs given by respective class teachers/HoD


Day students will also be screened while entering into the campus on the day when classes resume and declaration/undertaking form must be signed. There will be separate SoPs for day students which will have to be strictly followed by parents/guardians or proprietors of paying guests (PGs).