Middle Secondary and Lower Secondary School

Ugyen Academy was established as a high school in 2002 to offer an extra care room for those below average performers. Following its immediate success, it was confident enough to start the lower secondary and middle secondary which one way to feed the upper division with excellent performers form within the academy. The first batche of CLASS NINE began with only three students in the year 2004, it was hopeful however to begin CLASS TEN in following academy year. There wasn’t any turning back to its ever winning progress since then.
The subsequent years of achievement saw the establishment of classes seven and eight in the year 2009 and 2010 respectively. Today the lower division comprises of classes SEVEN TO TEN.

The current statistics of the lower division are as follows:

i) Class Seven- Two sections with 25 Students.
ii) Class Eight- Two sections with 30 students each.
iii) Class Nine- Three sections with 30 students each.
iv) Class Ten-  Four sections with 36 students each.

Ugyen Academy is commended by Ministry of Education for achieving the top position year after year  in the middle secondary level also. It has in 2018 been the only school to be awarded the Testimony of Triple Stars both at the Middle Secondary and Higher Secondary levels for achieving top position for nine consecutive years (2009-2023) on the Performance Management System. The school management team is concetrating more on the lower and middle secondary levels because "Better lower secondary  means better higher secondary".

Class Seven to Nine have special study tours to aid their classroom learning experiances besides the regular literary programs for the lower division. The teaching learning experiances are all set to emphasize 21st century educational concepts such as "Learning to Learn" and "Thinking to Think".The relentless and inspering efforts of the students, teachers, and the school management will ensure enviable success. Together, we are sure to scale greater heights in education.

 Please note:

  1. All new admissions will be routed through School Admission Desk headed by Head of Department (HoD) and will also need the verification of School Administration Team.
  2. School accepts no cash donation or other gifts for the purpose of
  3. The school fee structure does not include expenses such as, tablets, school uniforms, casual clothing, additional stationery, rachu/kabney. Go though our school brochure for additional information.
  4. The school organizes study tours/field trips (both in and ex-country) on cost sharing basis. Of course with the prior consent from the individual parent.
  5. We accept Bank Drafts/mPay/MBoB/payable at Account No. 102647577 BOB, Ugyen Academy, Punakha or Account No. 0000059653016 BNB, Ugyen Academy, Punakha.