Vision Mission

School Vision and Mission

In the present milieu with erosion of values and lowering of standards in most institutions, UA stands out as a school with strong value system and a code of conduct and discipline, which is based on mutual respect.  We uphold our founder’s vision and stress on total development – head, hand and heart.  We are deeply committed in instilling in our students, positive traits like self discipline and social harmony that will lead to Gross National Happiness and Global Peace. Our school motto, “Be Your Best” makes every individual be his or her own competitor. In the end we aspire for developing a good human being. 

The school aims to:

*Provide a caring, happy, secure and purposeful education setting, which supports optimum academic, personal, and social development.

*Explain and make sense of the various influences, which bear upon the student and promote self discipline based on mutual respect.

* Prepare students to take up various educational opportunities throughout their lives, within and beyond the context of work and thereby prepare them to develop a positive attitude towards life and face life with confidence – a lifelong learner.

* Promote in students core values and ethos of our society and take pride in being a Bhutanese.


Mutual Respect/Discipline

  • UA aims to ensure an environment conducive for teaching and learning; positive student-student, teacher-teacher, student-teacher, and parent-teacher interactions based on the Core Bhutanese values. We believe that students need to understand that rules exist to safeguard the school environment that we envisage. Our rules are decentralized and students take ownership of the rules they frame. The school is sincerely engaged in practicing Positive Discipline (PD) measures in order to inculcate in our learners the value that freedom comes with responsibility. More recently the school has initiated “student observation” which keeps tracks of student behavior. The school climate and culture are aligned with “Educating for GNH” and we are well known for our restorative practice “Responsible Thinking”.