Ugyen Academy

More “National Toppers” – To dispel the strong sense of deja vu in people who care for UA

With just a solitary topper in the recent class XII (BHSEC) result, I can feel a strong sense of deja vu in people who care for UA; definitely, we are a bit spoilt because we are so used to producing more than 2 national toppers. Even amongst my teachers and my family members, we land up consoling each other, although I do not feel the need to do so – holistically “we are at our best”.

Concurrently, I just feel that it is the flip side of the overblown importance many of us have given to “National Toppers”. Please understand that I am not making excuses for failing to produce more national toppers. As a matter of fact, I understand the toil and the chemistry involved to produce national toppers. For that matter, UA has produced as many as 49 national toppers in the BCSEA examinations in our 2 decades of service to the nation; in some years as many as 6 national toppers well distributed in all three streams – all records difficult to break. Thus, UA is full of admiration in seeing other schools producing national toppers like we have done year after year – CONGRATULATIONS, Damphu CS, Karma Academy, and Royal Academy for stealing the show in 2021.

At the same time, I would not want to say that we have not done well. Publicly, we wish to commend our supportive parents/guardians, resilient teachers, and disciplined students for the commendable finish to the most challenging academic session 2021. Of note, on behalf of the UA family, I wish to express my gratitude to some individuals/agencies who have made us feel better (please view the attachments).

Furthermore, on a purely personal note, I wish to share that I had actually tendered my resignation several times, the last one being in September of 2021 – to “manage out” myself. My proprietor had asked me to look for a replacement; upon my request, my School Administration Team (SAT) scouted and they had even approached a few prominent principals. No one took the offer and I had no choice but to pull on. Right now, I am happy that a change was not made lest they are whipsawed unnecessarily – for not producing so-called more “National Toppers”.

Finally, as we head back into our classrooms, I am convinced that everyone who cares for UA has parked aside the foreboding sense of déjà vu - more “National Toppers”. “If anyone hasn’t, please do so, we assure you all that we are refreshed and recharged for the academic session 2022”. We are so excited to re-imagine the future of education with you all and refocus on every student, live up to our vision to be a school of WILL – Winners, Innovators, Learners, and Leaders, driven by our motto, “Be Your Best”. Oh! Please hang on; “Winners” in our vision is not just about winning trophies, more importantly, it is winning hearts. Thanks!

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