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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers, and Students,

UA Family extends a warm welcome to all of you for the upcoming 2023 Academic Session Term II. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support, which has contributed significantly to our continued excellence in all areas. It is undeniable that we stand out among the rest, and together, we feel a sense of immense accomplishment.

To get a glimpse of the exciting activities that took place during Term I, we invite you to visit the following link (Highlights). Please note that while these highlights provide a snapshot of the term, they may not capture every single activity in which your child was involved. Our students never cease to amaze us with their daily accomplishments, making it challenging for us to document each and every one. Furthermore, we believe in focusing on the present and future rather than dwelling on past achievements, and this mindset is shared by our dedicated teachers. Our motto, "Be Your Best," drives us to strive for success with utmost commitment, perseverance and consistency, which has become an integral part of UA's culture and environment.

Exciting developments are underway at UA that we are thrilled to share with you. UA will very soon boast the largest STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lab in the country. Additionally, an international-sized astro turf football stadium will soon be inaugurated, thanks to the generous support of FIFA, recognizing our school's dedication to promoting the global game of football. However, this sponsorship comes with a requirement for UA to provide 10 football scholarships to BFF. Furthermore, our proprietor is investing in a multimillion-dollar pavilion, the sound and high-mast lighting facilities, separate hostels for UAFC and UAWFC, and as well as upgraded restrooms for our female students. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2023, and we kindly request your understanding and patience during this period of inconvenience. Once completed, UA will proudly stand as one of the region's premier schools, offering top-notch sporting facilities.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt "Tashi Delek" and "Legsoo" to our supportive parents/guardians, resilient teachers, and disciplined students for the commendable finish to the academic session Term I. We understand that you may have had some concerns or dissatisfaction regarding the outcome of Term I, but please rest assured that we are fully committed to providing the best possible experience in Term II of 2023. Our aim is to create a happier, safer, and more enriching environment for each and every one of us.


Warmest regards to all

(Norbu Gyaltshen)

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Ugyen Academy

“UA, what a MEAN!” Our King pointed out, “What we lack in numbers, we must make up in talent,” and that is what Miss Tasnia Faizun Ahmed who was the only international student at UA has proven. Had she had “Dzongkha”, she could have topped the BCSE. Remember, in UA’s eyes, you will be our topper not because you scored the highest but because you have been an outstanding example for, "your passion to keep learning”. We thank her “Apa” Dr. Farhad Uddin Ahmed Bhuiyan and “Ama” Dr. Taleya Chowdhury not only for the relentless support but for considering UA in Bhutan over top-class international schools on the globe – “apnake dhonnobad!”.
Forty years ago when we lost our favourite teacher, our English teacher taught us, “Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”. Today as we mourn your loss, a student you guided for eight long years has stood as “2nd National Topper”. We remember and honour you Principal Sir Tashi Phuntsho and the brilliant staff of Lobesa Lower Secondary School, Punakha for having groomed Miss Kinley Deki Yangzom so well – her parents and you all deserve all the credit for her well deserved national position.
Often, if I am in a melancholy mood, a beautiful Hindi couplet cheers me up, which if translated reads:
“If you are in a flight of success, be patient/Birds tell, there are no places to rest in the sky!”
I must say that our UA teachers have mastered the art of resting while flying. Of course, I can be a bit mean to say, “UA, What happened to the pass 100%?” Yet, when you look at the MEAN
One is simply left to exclaim, “UA, what a MEAN!”
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Fees 2022 Academic Session



Day student


Total for Full Academic Session (Term I and Term II)





Ninety six thousand














Ninety eight thousand






Ninety nine thousand five hundred






One hundred and two thousand

Note: The government scholarship amount (if selected) is adjustable in the above mention fees - only the remaining will have to be paid by the parent(s)/guardian(s)

*Admission Confirmation Fees  as mentioned below is applicable to all new students (both school and boarding) except UA scholarship and “kidu” students

School:         Nu.1000/- one thousand only (to meet overtime expenses of Admission Desk Committee members on duty)

Boarding:   Nu.5000/- five thousand only (no separate collection for mattress and bed-cover)

There will be no separate collection for admission forms.

*Starting from 2022 academic session, all day students will have to pay an additional Nu.5000/- (five thousand) per Term for lunch; no student will be allowed to move out during class days unless authorized by SAT.


The school also runs two Paying Guest (PG) Hostels:

*Wolokha PG (for boys) – UA Campus II is 3 Km away but has a congenial study environment

A separate transport fee of Nu.2500/- (Two thousand five hundred) per Term is collected for the daily bus service


*Gomo Delux PG (for girls)

A separate fee of Nu.3000/- (three thousand) per Term is collected as girls are kept in rooms with better facilities. It is located adjacent to the school and enjoys an autonomous mess arrangement also.


*A separate security deposit of Nu.3000/- (Three thousand) for boarding students and Nu.2000/- (two thousand) day students (refundable if not deducted for damages/fines) will have to be paid once at the time of admission.

Also, Nu.3000/- (Three thousand) ICT Fees per annum is charged separately and an additional Nu1000/- for tablet/smart phone care for boarding students. As mentioned every student must bring his/her own tablet/smart phone for blended approach in NNC/eResources – a requirement as per the Learning Management System (LMS). The school is equipped with free intranet facilities – upgraded from 100 to 500 concurrent users in 2022 academic session

*For more details, like installments/mode of payment, please contact our Finance Officer Ms Dechen Peldon on 17671602

*There are also licensed private PG Hostels near UA (for both girls and boys) for parents/guardians  in case they are not able to get boarding or choose something different.

Comments: Kindly note that the above fee in the table was approved in October of 2017 by PSD, DSE & MoE.

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Ugyen Academy

More “National Toppers” – To dispel the strong sense of deja vu in people who care for UA

With just a solitary topper in the recent class XII (BHSEC) result, I can feel a strong sense of deja vu in people who care for UA; definitely, we are a bit spoilt because we are so used to producing more than 2 national toppers. Even amongst my teachers and my family members, we land up consoling each other, although I do not feel the need to do so – holistically “we are at our best”.

Concurrently, I just feel that it is the flip side of the overblown importance many of us have given to “National Toppers”. Please understand that I am not making excuses for failing to produce more national toppers. As a matter of fact, I understand the toil and the chemistry involved to produce national toppers. For that matter, UA has produced as many as 49 national toppers in the BCSEA examinations in our 2 decades of service to the nation; in some years as many as 6 national toppers well distributed in all three streams – all records difficult to break. Thus, UA is full of admiration in seeing other schools producing national toppers like we have done year after year – CONGRATULATIONS, Damphu CS, Karma Academy, and Royal Academy for stealing the show in 2021.

At the same time, I would not want to say that we have not done well. Publicly, we wish to commend our supportive parents/guardians, resilient teachers, and disciplined students for the commendable finish to the most challenging academic session 2021. Of note, on behalf of the UA family, I wish to express my gratitude to some individuals/agencies who have made us feel better (please view the attachments).

Furthermore, on a purely personal note, I wish to share that I had actually tendered my resignation several times, the last one being in September of 2021 – to “manage out” myself. My proprietor had asked me to look for a replacement; upon my request, my School Administration Team (SAT) scouted and they had even approached a few prominent principals. No one took the offer and I had no choice but to pull on. Right now, I am happy that a change was not made lest they are whipsawed unnecessarily – for not producing so-called more “National Toppers”.

Finally, as we head back into our classrooms, I am convinced that everyone who cares for UA has parked aside the foreboding sense of déjà vu - more “National Toppers”. “If anyone hasn’t, please do so, we assure you all that we are refreshed and recharged for the academic session 2022”. We are so excited to re-imagine the future of education with you all and refocus on every student, live up to our vision to be a school of WILL – Winners, Innovators, Learners, and Leaders, driven by our motto, “Be Your Best”. Oh! Please hang on; “Winners” in our vision is not just about winning trophies, more importantly, it is winning hearts. Thanks!

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UA Essentials

UA Boarding Student Essential Items

Class XII UA Boarding students should try to come equipped with the following essential items:

  1. School Uniform along with Kabni/Rachu

  2. Footwear - School shoes, (black) socks/stockings, toilet slippers and sports shoes for physical activity and SUPW

  3. School Track suit and T-shirt

  4. One or two casual gho/kira to wear on Saturdays if one prefers it over school track-suits

  5. Textbooks (if it has been issued)

  6. Stationeries (Notebooks, pens, pencils, refills, calculators, etc. – as required by the subject(s)

  7. Blankets/Summer Quilts, pillow

  8. Bed sheets

  9. Mosquito net (single)

  10. Toiletries (bathing soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, washing soap, toilet paper/sanitary pads/Towel

  11. Face Masks (few sets to last one Term)

  12. Water Bottle

  13. Umbrella

  14. Your medicines and prescription(s)’ copy

  15. Own spoon(s) and cup(s) – plates and tumblers are provided by the school)

  16. Mobile Phone(s)/eGadgets as per Mobile Phone Protocol of the Department – will be registered on reporting day

  • Optional: Power Bank for mobile phones/eGadgets and rechargeable emergency lamps

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