U14 Football Match under Punakha Dzongkhag

The Victory of UA Junior team

UA’s junior football team was victorious in the Dzongkhag level football tournament (Under 14) held on 11th of Oct 2015 in Punakha at PHSS.

The match started at around 4’O clock, on Sunday evening and was glanced by Punakha Dozngkhag Dasho S.P as the chief guest. The avenue was in Lekithang’s football ground. The field was divided between orange and blue. The orange represented the UA team while on the other hand the blue represented Khuruthang Middle Secondary School team. The match was accompanied by cheers from the spectators, who gazed the match, notwithstanding the chilly weather. The boys were young and small yet they showed their full grace and enthusiasm for the game. It was interesting to note the great zeal from the young mind for the game. The event not only portrayed their talents but also showed much significance of progress in the field of sports in Bhutan.

The score board laid with 0-0 for both the team during interval. The team was seen to be carefully instructed by their respective coach during the short period of interval.

After the half-time both the team was seen to play with more energy, never the less couldn’t score a single goal. So the game resulted in penalty where UA team punched the air with triumph after being victorious.

The trophy was award to the winning team (UA) by the chief guest. It is a great event where each of the players showcased their talent and move importantly the players had been their beat.

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Move for Health

Move for Health walk 

As the hitch in one’s walk turns to pain in the help it is the sign of getting old. The recurring habits of thought that may be genetic or may be environmental which certainly worsens with time health is one vital component that needs day to day monitoring, but how many of us are aware about our health? It is easy to holler at people and remind about health but how much is done?

Bhutan Health trust Fund (BHTF) held nationwide program of taking a step forward rather than just evaluating the importance. The initiative taken in account of improving one’s health by walking an extra-mile when conceptualized. “Move for Health.”

This programme is held once in a year and it is mostly aimed to implement good health for the people. This programme was started in 2002 by the former health Minister Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup. The adult walk for a long distance to Show or give an example to the youth about the importance of health.

Dasho Dzongda of Punakha, Dasho S.P of Punakha, District health Officer Mrs Zangmo, Dr Karma Yangzom from Punakha Hospital, Dasho Norbu Gyeltshen (Principal) of Ugyen Academy, Vice Principal of PHS family and teacher and student form Ugyne Academy, Punakha Higher Secondary School, VTI etc were present at taxi parking at Khuruthan, Punakha Bhutan for the “Move For Health” Programme.

There were three groups, Dasho S.P’s group form Lobesa till Khuruthang, RSTA’s group form Zomlingthang till Khuruthang and another group heading from Samthang towards Khurutang. The walk started at 7: 00am and it ended at around 10:00am on Sunday, where all distinguished guests and the audience had a brief discussion on health and raising of fund at Khuruthang. According to Dr Karma Yangzom, “The reason for this walk s to reduce the non-communicable disease like Blood pressure, diabetes etc, we need to prevent if before it’s too late, so we have to exercise and eat healthy food. “While the strong message reach to the crowd on how we can handle and maintain our health through regular exercises and taking healthy diet- nutritious food and amount to be taken , Mr. Kinley Penjor,  a lecturer of T.T.I said that it is an awareness to the youths and also to educate the community about the importance of the health. It was indeed the first time for him to have participated in such kind of programme and he expressed his joy, “It was very interesting and I am lucky to participate, it was an enjoyable moment.”

In this programme funds were collected all over the country. The reason for this donation was for the people who can’t afford for medical assistance. It is an initiative taken to buy expensive medicine / vaccine such as HPV for the girls to prevent cervical cancer.

“If the fund is not been collected than each girl have to spend Nu. 14000 to put the vaccine and the poor ones, due to lack of money can’t afford, so the fund is collected “said Mrs Zangmo, the district health officer of Punakha Dzongkhag.

Meanwhile Mr Bhim of P.H.S.S poured out his disappointment, “people were resultant to give money, they showed less interest in even giving Nu 50/- may be people were unaware of this contribution.” Mr Bhim was in the Samthang group and as they asked for donation from the people who were at the maximum illiterate they hardly knew about the programme and were reluctant in making contribution.

A student of Ugyen Academy, Redhaya said that everyday should be a health day as it will be a very good practice and exercise. Such programme is a good opportunity to aware the people about the health problems.

Mr. Sangya Wangdi, Teacher of Ugyen Academy further enlightened that all the Bhutanese should work and support and should be throughout the generation.

Dasho Dzongda of Punakha agrees that “If health is there than everything is there”, he also said that this programme would help the youths as there were youths who were very much involved in this programme. Even Dasho S.P stated that it is good to walk and this programme is basically to help the youths.”Example set by the adult today will definitely make youth’s come up with the same thing he said. “We can no more depend on the government, we have to work by our self” he added.

He also quote that “Health is wealth, how much ever you are rich without good health you are still poor”.

Coming back to the fund, the total fund collected form Punakha was Nu.693000/-. Ugyen Academy family contributed Nu. 48225/- along with the tea and shamday to the participants. Khuruthang town all together with the shopkeeper contributed Nu. 128600/- The Zomlingthang group while walking got Nu. 29000/- along with 4 US dolar. Dasho SP’s group collected a total amount of Nu. 122000/- and lastly from Samthang Nu.18663/-

                         Media UA

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School Exhibition 2015

Subject Exhibition 2015 (Class X & XII)

The exhibition for classes ten and twelve was held on 10th of October. The school witnessed an exemplary display of models and charts made by all the XII Science, Arts & Commerce and two sections of class X.

The concept and content was such that students get to think out of box. They not only depended on the teacher oriented lessons but went beyond their comfort zone. It was indeed hardwork  of students and respective teachers.

The theme for the exhibition was “Conceptualized by resource management and learning new things. A competition was also held based on the theme that every department keeps on “sustainable living”. There were classes with attractive themes and departments with core explanation which depicted better environment and conducive learning.

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Swimming Gala

“UA went Academics. UA went ground. Now UA go water!” 


On Wednesday 30th of September, 2015 everyone was excited about the SWIMMING GALA. Everyone lifted their feet to catch a glimpse of the decorated swimming pool. The arrangements were picture perfect that there was no doubt at the hard work of the house captains, coordinators and the helpers. 

The Dasho S.P, Chief DEO and the principals of other schools graced the Gala. An open exhibition was performed by the senior boys, gave a great enthusiasm to the spectators and the participants for the grand Gala. Hopes of the House Masters and the Captains amplified as they saw their team members warming up.

Different swimming styles were demonstrated: Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. The participants were all juniors from class VII to IX. The Gala became stiff as time passed, while the audiences were seen with lifting eyebrows and were impressed with the performance of every individual.

After two joyful hours of anticipation, the results were finally declared and medals and certificates were awarded to the participants. 

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Regional Sport Meet

The regional sports meet was held at Bajo HSS, Wangduephodrang from 25th -27th September, 2015 where students from various schools of three Dzongkhags i.e, Punakha, Wangduephodrang and Gasa gathered in order to enhance the five S’s through sports.

  1.        Stamina
  2.        Speed
  3.        Skill
  4.        Strength
  5.        Spirit

The regional sports meet indeed provided students like us the opportunities to interact with the students from different walks of life and know each other better.

Amongst the different participating schools, our school Ugyen Academy stood victorious. Not only did we swipe away the trophies but also the hearts of the spectators by the talented players with ineffable discipline and sports ethics.

Winning the small players in the Dzongkhag level had paved a better way into the regional competition and by breaking the strong ties through it, UA will be joining in the National meet and indeed we will be counting onto heart-felt moments.

Rigzin Choden XII/SA

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Taekwondo Championship

6th Punakha Dzongkhag Open Taekwondo Championship


On Saturday, 26th of September, 2015 the 6thIntra Dzongkhag Taekwondo Championship was held amongst three schools of Punakha Dzongkhag. The event was held in Punakha Higher Secondary School. Ugyen Academy participated in the event and it was for the first time that Ugyen Academy took part in Taekwondo. The first time entry proved to be strong contender and gave tough play to already participating schools of Punakha dzongkhag.

There were 21 participants from UA and they backed up with 6 Gold medals, 3 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medal. It was observed that students had keen interest in Taekwondo and portrayed all the essential defense technique. 

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Cricket Championship

U_16 Cricket Championship



On 6th September 2015, UA boys lifted the U_16 Cricket Championship cup which was held at Ugyen Academy. There were total of four teams participating in the tournament within Punakha Dzongkhag, organized by Bhutan Cricket Council Board in commemoration of the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

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UA Staff Lifted Trophy

UA Staff Football Team Lifted Trophy  

The Shering Thruendral league-cum-knockout tournament was organized by Tashidingkha MSS. It was organized to commemorate the 60th Birth anniversary of the Fouth Druk Gyelpo. The total of nine schools participated in the league from three Dzongkhags (Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang and Gasa).

The final match was played between UA staff team and Bjishong staff team on 29th of August in which UA staff team lifted the trophy with 3-1 goals.

BY: Dechen Yeshey Choden XI/ARts/D

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Bicycle Club

Bicycle Club

On the 30th August 2015, the bicycle club was inaugurated by Dasho Principal of Ugyen Academy.It was helped and organizied by Lop. Kiba Tshering . On the opening day of a new club, seven UA teachers rode 20km from Khuruthang to Punakha and then back to Khuruthang.

This is a new start to old sport as UA always creates new way to develop itself.

With the new recreational establishment, we aim to:

       1) Provide skills to the students in internationally celebrated sports.

       2) Enhance the availability of recreational facilities in the school.

       3) Improve the physical fitness of the students.

       4) Draw student’s interest in cycling.

Moreover, it is started with the ultimate aim to produce Bhutanese cyclists in the cycling world.


BY: Dechen Wangmo XI/Arts/D

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Mountain Echoes

UA Joins Mountain Echoes Program


What exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind. With same objective, the Mountain Echoes program held at Tarayana center, Thimphu on 20th of August, 2015 was organized to commemorate the Reading Year along with the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty, the Fourth Druk Gyelpo, Jigme Singye Wangchuk. The Sixth session of Mountain Echoes is very important, especially for Bhutan as we are celebrating  the National Reading Year. The programme consisted of national and international writers such as Lucy Hawking, the daughter of Stephen Hawking, writer of George series.Students from different schools interacted with the international writers as well as the Bhutanese writers Rinzin Rinzin, Pema Gyeltshen and Chador Wangmo.

We were welcomed at the Tarayana center with a welcome dance by the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. The first session called Cosmic Treasure Hunt was with Lucy Hawking and Paro Anand introduced by reading expert Amita Sathe Bambawale and followed by series of presentations.

The journey then took us to VAST gallery where there was an Art Exhibition by Bhutanese women called "Her Expression" II. The Art Exhibition compromised some of the paintings from the private collection of Azhi Sonam Dechen Wangchuk.

With that our programme ended but it instilled within us an understanding of how important reading is. The programme was a very wonderful experience and also a fruitful one.

Gaki Lhamo XI/Sci

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Cricket Championship

U_19 Boys and Girls School Cricket Championship

On 16th August 2015, the finals of the School Cricket tournament were held at Ugyen Academy. There were total of four teams participating in the tournament within Punakha Dzongkhag, organized by Bhutan Cricket Council Board in commemoration of the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyelpo.

Nevertheless, the super league tournament was played between UA and PHSS who had qualified for the finals in both the categories (Girls and Boys). Punakha HSS clinched the championship by two wickets in girls’ category and UA boys defeated the Punakha HSS by three wickets and clinched the trophy for 2nd consecutive year.

The objective and the main purpose of conducting such a tournament were to develop the cricketing skills of the students and mainly to select a squad consisting of 14 players for upcoming U_19 National District Championship. Out of 14-players, 7-players (boys) and 6-players (girls) have been selected for U_19.

 By: Lhapchu Karma Wangdi XI/Arts/A  

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School Kurim

School Kurim


Today  the School is having the third round of School Kurim. It is indeed a blessing because  of the Kurim Pelchen Dorji Zhenuyi Choga being headed by Lopen Tshedep Kaka mainly for the well being of all the students, teachers and all sentient beings at large.

An ostentatious and an examplary feature of this pooja is that the offerings(tshogs) are none of the packaged items but all are  the homemade ones.Such a step has been taken mainly to reduce the waste and also to ensure offerings with unadulterated items.

Such religious activities are in pipeline  and yet to be perfomed in the coming months for the physical and moral posperity of all the inmates of the UA family.

By: Dawa Zangmo XII/Sci/A

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