Menstrual Hygiene Day

Ugyen Academy Family Joins Hands in Observing The Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

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Indo Bhutan Friendship

Dance exchange program

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Junior Sports Saturday and Sunday 2018

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Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2018

Their Majesties view the various displays at the flower exhibition- this one is by Ugyen Academy- one of the schools participating in the RBFE for the first time this year.

His Majesty with students of Ugyen Academy, in the garden developed by the school for the exhibition.



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Peer Mediators Badge Award

Excited sixty Peer Mediators who got their badges during the morning assembly of
6th April 2018 attended a program during the afternoon. The main speaker was
Dasho who came from National Jigme Singay Wangchuk Legal institute of the
country which was started in year 2012.

School Peer Mediator was started in 2014 and since then the school received
zero complains of students misconduct.
Dasho enlightened the students with his wise words of laws and inspired all the
students. Moreover asked students the reasons for them to join the law club
and the answer given by the students impressed Dasho.
The importance of the law was clearly explained to the students. He said “when
we know the law we will be alert, laws cover every space of the life and language
is the weapon of lawyer”. In addition law are all about perfect reasoning and
law club member are increasing whereby increasing its need.
The scenario ended with delicious dumplings, tea and a group photo with Dasho.

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Annual School Marathon

Annual School Marathon

There dawned a light on the morn’ of  March 31, 2018 when the entire school willed itself to be woven into the tapestry of time. An event, so intricately linked with the very gravel that Ugyen Academy is comprised, the annual marathon is the embodiment of every defiant eye and every determined chin there is to an individual. This event unfurled with utmost zeal that was ever witnessed in the school. Every child took to the joy of participating as a single body and in unison swung past the fibres of the finishing line.

The program officially began with the warming up session by Dr. Kim who enlightened the school with the Korean techniques to flex the body in a way that will avoid muscle cramps and abdominal pain. Every student tingled their athletic bone and got on their marks to run on the tracks of an approximate of 14km for the boys and 9km for the girls. So did they run alongside glancing passer-bys and amused pedestrians, whistling their way through the murk-filled potholes with a jovial spirit instilled within them.

 The volunteers along the roads were a constant support to the athletes and every now and then handed bottles of water and other amenities to the participants. It was indeed, a sight to see because this orchestrated event produced the most mellifluous of melodies when every boy and every girl so zealously ran for the beauty of running. The entire marathon was based on the theme: “Running for wellness is running for happiness” and with this the students ran for a beneficial cause that would pave a way for a happy tomorrow.

It was not long until the students came filing in after the long run, marching their way past the finishing point on the football pitch of the school. Though every one is a winner in the hearts of hearts of themselves, the winners were declared and the results were as follows:


1st position: Sneha Oli.

2nd position: Dechen Pelmo Wangdi.

3rd position: Desang Lhaki Tenzing.


1st position: Jigme Khenrub

2nd position: Jamyang Lotey

3rd position: Kinga Drugyel Wangchuk


1st position: Tandin Wangmo

2nd position: Ngawang Choki

3rd position: Rinchen Lhaden


1ST position: Kinley Wangchuk

2nd position: Tshering Wangchuk

3rd position: Chhimi Yugyel


1st position: Tandin Dorji

2nd position: Vijay Mongar

3rd position: Kinley Tenzin


All in all, it was an indelible experience for everyone and it wouldn’t have been a success without the help and support of the Superintendent of the Police, the health officials, the volunteers and the teachers who were the spine and the vertebra of this event. Our special thanks is directed towards the Principal of the school who bestowed upon us this opportunity of being a part of something so priceless which will forever be encased in the timeless casket of infinity.

                                                                              -Tenzin Dhaden (XII Science A)


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